Co-Ording with the Summer Heat – 2.0

Crop top is one thing that we Indian woman have been rocking ever since time immemorial! Its the same blouse thing that you wear over the sari, lehenga, ghagra etc ! Yeah it’s the same lehenga blouse or sari blouse that got a modern chick name- crop top! Crop tops are a summer must-have. You can pair them with literally everything. 

Ok, having killer abs totally helps, but to really work the crop top trend, it’s actually less about baring all of your midriff and more about which separates you wear with it.

As a spring fashion trend the crop top (and its variations including the boob tube / tube top) is not just about exposing your whole stomach – that’s how it was worn back in 2009 and since fashion has moved on. Instead, in 2018 it’s about interpreting the crop top into elegant new looks that often show little more than a peep of a toned midriff. Yes, this season there’s the crop top of the sportswear-as-daywear trend, but there’s also more of the crop top as a sophisticated, refined statement that some will embrace as a look not to be feared.

Making the crop top work is all about the balance. If going for more of a bra top style, keep the skin-baring to a minimum on the legs and team with a high- waisted trouser for a look that screams expensive. These tops aren’t actually as revealing as they first seem. They tend to come with thick straps,  which means you can actually wear a bra underneath and wide waistbands like the one I am wearing here. If you are going for a lace style, team with a high waisted pleated skirt.

So if are you shy of showing your midriff in crop top (like me) , may be you can try wearing high waist bottom garment so that only a silver line shimmers of your skin. I admit I am not in the perfect shape right now. I have been putting on a lot of weight off-late resulting in shying away from wearing a lot of outfits which looks awkward on me. I was reluctant at first, to choose this outfit. But when I realised the bottom was a high-waisted pant, I knew this would be the right choice. And when I received it, I was so happy about my choice, I cannot even tell you ! I have completely stopped wearing crop tops lately, but this one was too perfect for me. The high waisted pants don’t let you show off a lot of skin, it is super comfortable to bare the heat and it is super stylish as well.

Another main reason I chose this is co-ord set is because it has Calico printing on it. I remember reading this somewhere that Calico originated in Calicut, in south-western India. It mostly contained Lotus Prints in the 11th century. This piece of information is what fascinated me and hence, I chose this.

The wide leg pants was another reason. The Summer is already killing us and I am sure none of us want to wear any kind of body-sticking clothes when we are already bathing in sweat. This is the most breathable outfit I ever owned and that is the fact that makes me so happy because I can wear this outfit anywhere and everywhere and would never get bored of it.

This is clearly one of my favourite outfits from SheIn and you can buy it here-

I hope you like this look.

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