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Hey guys ! Welcome back ! ❤

Here is something new … Let me tell you about a new app which we are all going to love and be amazed to use !

Got Table was the first Real time unique, purely mobile app designed and developed by the restaurant owner from US. With decades of hands on restaurant owner experience, have taken into consideration more on the Restaurants side to benefit while understanding the diner side to benefit as well.

Restaurant Benefit :

 Only the exclusive Diner Preferred Restaurant such as the one we approach will be part of the Got Table

 No Additional Hardware, Software or Training. Easy and simple to use, accessed from anywhere.

 Solution to Control and Manage the Restaurants not just when busy but mainly when not busy

 Open\close and manage the restaurant time, table availability and the menu for take away and Delivery. Dynamic Menu allows restaurant change as they wish for lunch, dinner or both.

 The Package is only Priced at Rs. 10,000/- Per month, that way there is not Lock-In Period of Money. Restaurants can pay on monthly basis only.

 Free – 1 Month Subscription.

 FREE Rs. 10,000/- Worth Facebook Dark post advertising.

 Bloggers Free Of cost for the Restaurants (After 3 Months).

 Video Content to Showcase your restaurant (After 4 Months).

 Loyalty Program.

 Unique and only the kind in the entire globe: Restaurant can post real time offers for the diners to see on their App but also pushed as an alert to their mobile phones and devices. At the same time, long standing offers are automatically fed through social media to the respective restaurants diner base.

 World class digital marketing on social media is integrated to Got Table. Restaurants gets one-time complimentary full-fledged Ad campaign with their own contents.

 Strong B2C campaign not just for that restaurant but with Got Table on their own promotes all the restaurants in their portfolio with a separate B2C campaign that includes Social media, influencer, blogs, You Tube videos, events, celebrities, mass media such as radio, TV and much more with no avenues spared.

Diner Benefits:

 Geo location deal finder, GPS enabled feature pulls the restaurants closer to their device location. Whether the diners are from the same city or new ones in the city, gives high visibility for the restaurants on Got Table. On the deal finder, diners will get to see not just all the restaurants of their liking but the offers that gets their attention on our App. The other highlight is about the diners accessing dynamic menu that restaurants posts real time for Take away and Delivery.

 Diners will receive loyalty rewards, additional incentives, prizes and invite to the events etc. This Got Table has planned to keep the diners engaged and happy would benefit Restaurants signed up with us.

How to use the Got Table app?

Step 1 : The restaurants with Yellow tag means they are the restaurants running on offers exclusively on Got Table.


Step 2 : Pick the restaurant you want.


Step 3 : Check for offers.

Step 4 : Book a table !



Step 5 : Confirm your reservation !

And , Voila !

It doesn’t even take more than 5 minutes to access the special offers that run exclusively on Got Table app and book your table !

Here is the link to the website –

So, the next time you have cravings for your favourite food, you know where to look for ! 😋

XOXO, until next time ❤

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