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My August ended on a good note as I was invited by Hairbitat India to try out their Bee Choo Origin Hair Treatment. Hairbitat Hair Treatment India is the ONLY authorised dealer of Bee Choo Origin in India, from Singapore.

Bee Choo Origin – It is a 100% chemical, preservative and additives free herbal paste that can promote hair growth conceptualized by Bee Choo, the founder of Bee Choo Origin Group which contains 20 different and unique Chinese herbs. This treatment is TQCSI certified and has surpassed the stringent criteria of ISO standards. They aim at solving all kinds of hair problems like hair loss, dandruff, oily scalp, etc with just One paste and with loads of love.

The Bee Choo hair treatment is currently available in Bangalore and Coimbatore cities and will be soon available in Chennai. There are 3 outlets in Bangalore – Vittal Mallya Road, HSR layout and JP Nagar. I visited the Vittal Mallya road outlet in the last week of August for my hair treatment. The staff greeted us warmly. The professional who attended me was Jina (The sweetest professional you’ll ever meet ❤️),she asked me about my hair problems and I told her I have a lot of frizzy hair which causes hair loss and an oily scalp which is a common problem a lot of us face. She assured me that my problems will be definitely solved after taking the treatment.

The Process : 1. Ginger Tonic – She first applied Ginger tonic to the roots of my hair. I was told that this tonic cleans the scalp and increases blood circulation.

2.Olive Oil – In the next step, she applied olive oil to the ends of my hair. It helps in reducing the frizzy hair and split ends and also nourishes the hair

3.Chinese herbs paste – This is the most important step of the treatment and in this step, she applied the paste containing 20 different and unique Chinese herbs. She applied the paste right from the scalp to the end of my hair. Generally, the application takes only around 15 minutes, but since I have a lot of frizzy and tangled hair it took her 30 minutes for the application. The paste looked and smelled like Henna, which I believe is one of the main ingredients of the paste. After the paste is applied, she wrapped up my hair and tucked it in a plastic sheet very neatly.

4.Steaming – Then the hair is given a 45-minute long Steam for the herbs to do their work. Meanwhile during the wait, the staff served the Chrysanthemum Flower Tea which increases blood circulation and gives glowing skin.

5.Washing – After the 45 minute steaming process, the hair is left to cool down for 10 minutes. Once cooled down, my hair was shampooed twice and conditioned once using the Bee Choo Origin products. This step was the most relaxing 20 minutes of the process as Jina gave me a massage as well.

6.Blow Dry and Crystal Serum – The last step of the process included blow- drying of my hair and then the application of Crystal Serum. This Crystal Serum is rich in Vitamin E and it gives shine to the hair and reduces the tangling of hair.

All the products used in the whole process were from Bee Choo Origin and the process took around 2 hours.

Immediate Effects :Hair was super soft and super shiny. The blow dry gave it a silky effect as well.

  • The scalp was clean.
  • All grey coloured area covered.
  • So much volume.

Effect after 1 wash :Its obvious that all of us would think the softness would last only 2-3 days or till we wash the hair. But surprisingly, my hair is still soft and still has shine.

  • I also feel the hair loss has reduced a bit because the frizzy hair is getting better.

They told me, because of my problem of too much frizzy hair, taking the treatment for another 7-8 times would completely eliminate the tangling of hair and reduce hair loss by 90%. Also since I had a bit of coloured hair in the ends, the colour has changed a little. Although, after one wash it started going back to the colour that I got, I believe after a few washes, I will get my colour back.

This herbal treatment is totally recommended by me as just after taking the treatment once, I could see so many changes and improvements in my hair, I can’t wait to go back and get it done more number of times to completely eliminate all my problems.

Price list – The price depends on the length of your hair and here I have attached the price list for all types of treatment available at the  Hairbitat India outlets.

Top – Koovs

Jeans – Vero Moda

Fur slip ons – Lulu and Sky

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  1. I’m sure you had an amazing time. Loved the review. Never herd of this brand before. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This treatment is quite reasonable too.

    Hair issues are driving me crazy, need to check a similar treatment.

  3. The treatment looks really cool. Your mane is gorgeous

  4. Is this is Mumbai??
    Have frizzy hair and wish its in Mumbai to try out

  5. I loved their Hair treatment too..All natural with good ingredients.

  6. It seems you had a great time,thanks for the info and tour

  7. Thanks for detailing all the aspects and steps by Hairbitat India and their Bee Choo product. The procedure to apply the same surely would treat the same

  8. That’s effective solutions for hair problem and so organic treatment

  9. This treatment seems to be really effective.. Hope to get it in my city sometime soon.

  10. This really does look like a beautiful experience what with ginger tonic on the roots of the hair and all

  11. Love the ginger tonic in scalp idea.I would love to do this hair treatment .

  12. The after wash looks so so good! The prices are reasonable and this looks lke a great alternative to all those chemical based treatments for hair!

  13. Cool will look forward to it 🙂


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