Kadkani River Resort

Hey guys !! Welcome back !!

Monsoon is almost here and it’s time to head to the forest to spend some time in peace, with the nature.. The weather here in Karnataka is at it’s best.. sometimes sunny and sometimes gloomy.. And to make the most of this amazing weather, we headed to the “Scotland of India” – Coorg.

Coorg, is famous mainly for its austere sights, varied wildlife, world-class coffee and the Kodavas, the ethnic warrior people of Coorg. With breathtaking natural splendor and a glorious history, Coorg poses as a must-visit hill station in Karnataka.

Recently, one of the most exotic and picturesque River resorts in Coorg – Kadkani River Resort invited us to stay over at their property and experience their hospitality. We were more than elated to accept their offer because the property looks super amazing and with such an amazing weather in Coorg right now, we could not have said no at all !

Hundreds of years ago, Kadkani was a small island in Karnataka.. After modernisation, when villages and cities started coming up, this island was converted into an exotic river side resort.. And when the owners were confused about what to name this resort, that’s when it hit them ! What better name than the name which was carried from years ago? That’s how this property got it’s name !

Where is Kadkani River Resort?

Kadkani River Resort is located on the banks of River Cauvery in Hachinad, Pachat, Ammathi, Coorg.

How to get to Kadkani River Resort?

The resort is around 280km from Bangalore and within 22 km from the well-known Madikeri Fort and Omkareshwara Temple. Mysore city is located 115 km away, while Mangalore International Airport is approximately 140 km away. It is around 45 kms from Kushalnagar.
I recommend you to take your own transport to get to the resort coz the resort is situated in the interiors and is a dead end. Although, if you are using public transport, you can avail the Kadkani pick up facility by letting them know in advance from the point you need to be picked up from.


About Kadkani River Resort :

The property is a 4-star quality retreat and is located in an area of 26 acres near the coffee plantations, out of which a golf course is formed in 13 acres.
Kadkani River Resort offers 32 cottages. All the self contained cottages are spacious and furnished with simple sophistication. The cottages are equipped with all modern facilities and amenities.

Deluxe AC Cottages – The Deluxe AC Cottage is where Aishwarya and I stayed and it is a traditional styled cottage that comes with a furnished veranda. I was really impressed with the bathroom as it had a sun-lit roof which was unique and gave the traditional Coorgie home vibes.. These cottages can comfortably accommodate 2 adults and 2 children.




Den AC Cottages – These are in the shape of a den with a dome roof and hence the name ! They come with a touch of rural flavour. These cottages are furnished beautifully to exude comfort and luxury. They are super spacious and accommodate 2 adults and 2 children !


Amenities – Air Conditioning, Television, Complimentary Breakfast, Complimentary Bottled Water, Tea & Coffee Maker, Minibar, In-room Safe, Wardrobe, Laundry Service (on request), 24-hour Hot & Cold Water.

Premium AC Cottage – The Premium AC cottage is a large duplex cottage with spacious living areas and a semi outdoor dining area. They have a cute living area in the ground floor and a super spacious room with a dining area in the first floor.. Each cottage can accommodate 2 adults and 2 children.



Other than the Amenities provided in the above 2 cottages, you have a Minibar and  a Separate Living Room in this Premium AC Cottage..

Now, let me take you through my stay at the Kadkani River Resort..

DAY 1:

Kadkani arranged for our transport and I was picked up from my place around 9 15 AM after Rohini, Rumana and Aishwarya ! Bangalore traffic doesn’t need any introduction and hence we took over an hour to get out of the city.. We stopped over at A2B on Mysore Road for some breakfast.. I had my favourite Idli-Sambar.. We didn’t wanna waste much time here and wanted to reach the resort by lunch time and it was already 11 AM ! So we decided we are not gonna stop anywhere till we reach the resort ! We reached the resort at around 2 PM which was a surprise for us coz we never thought we could make it for lunch ! 😛 All thanks to our super-experienced driver who drove us swiftly and safely and on-time !
The staff at the resort welcomed us warmly and we quickly freshened up to have lunch..

They had both North Indian and South Indian cuisine.. As I was too hungry, I was super happy when I saw my favourite North Indian lunch – Roti and Paneer Butter Masala.. We ate – tummy full and they showed us to our cottage.. As I told already, we were given the Deluxe AC Cottage ! I call the pathway that led to our cottage as the “Pathway to Paradise” coz as we headed from the Lobby to our cottage for the first time, I saw cottages amidst greenery on my right and a huge paddy field on the left.. Cool breeze hit our face everytime we walked in the path.. It also led to the lobby through which we could then reach the pool and so much more of the resort I am gonna tell you guys as you read this post..



So, we reached our cottage through yet another small path with ups and downs which made the kid in me really excited before even getting to see our cottage ! Our cottage had a sleeping chair on the outside to relax amidst the peaceful atmosphere.. As we entered our cottage we saw that it had a double bed with a wall-mounted TV and a sofa beside it.. It led us to the area which consisted of a wardrobe, a big mirror on the right and the bathroom on the left.. The bathroom was huge and had a sun-lit roof which impressed me a lot ! I, being a person with OCD, was totally impressed by the cleanliness maintained both in the room and the bathroom !


We rested for 30 minutes and decided to do our first activity coz the weather was good that day with no rain and Coorg weather cannot be predicted !

River Rafting :

We got ready and headed to the lobby.. From the lobby we walked down through a vast land full of greenery to reach River Cauvery.. We wore our life jacket and that’s when the Hydrophobia inside me started to come to senses with what’s gonna happen next and I started freaking out.. I have always been scared to get into water or even go boating since I was a kid.. But I am also a person who wants to try everything in life coz, YOLO ! The girls motivated me for a while and we trekked down and reached the river..

We all sat in the raft and we were accompanied by 2 guides who gave us our oar to row in the river.. As we took off, the fear came back little by little so I asked the girls to keep talking to me and distract me .. After rowing in the river for around 20 minutes, we were in the middle of no where (literally) and that’s when the guides told us that they were gonna throw us in the river (lol, literally again :P).

A part of me said, no you can’t do this, while the other part kept screaming yolo in my head ! I don’t know how but I finally made up my mind and let them put me in the river after the others.. Another reason was I saw how much fun the girls were having and honestly, that quiet tempted me.. Initially, I was still really really scared .. They asked to keep peddling in the water to move forward.. It was quiet difficult for me to do that coz I was freaking out on the inside.. So, I held Rohini and Rumana and started moving forward with their help.. Rumana who was also a little hydrophobic, overcame her fears, all thanks to my occasional screams and cries (lol !). After doing this for around 15 minutes, I was getting used to it.. And I stopped peddling and started relaxing.. I was floating with my eyes closed .. that was the most relaxed I was, until then ! We all let go of our fears and relaxed in the water .. It truly felt like bliss ! That was one of the best moments of my stay here !


After around 25 minutes, I was tired and after crying for 5 minutes again, the guide finally agreed to take me back into the raft 😛 In 10 minutes, we all reached back to the shore..

We directly went and jumped into the pool after this.. The huge swimming pool was located next to the lobby with greenery on the other side and clear skies above.. We played in the pool for around 30 minutes and then headed back to our cottage to take a quick shower.


Then we came back to the lobby for some coffee, tea and snacks.. I am a tea lover and the tea tasted amazing so had 2 cups with some hot and yummy bajjis.. We spent some time in the café .. Just chilling and talking and coz that was the only place with access to the Wifi 😛 They purposely don’t provide Wifi access to rooms coz they want people to get out of their rooms and enjoy their stay at their property.. Which, I think is very thoughtful of them !


After we finished having snacks, the manager took us for a property tour.. that’s when we realised how huge and fascinating the property was..





We then headed to the Hobby center.. which had a lot of indoor games like table-tennis, carroom , chess and other board games.. We played table-tennis for a while and then a little carroom.. And that’s when I got distracted by a kid playing with a bicycle.. The kid in me wanted to snatch the bike from him but the adult in me kept saying, please grow up !! 😛 In a few minutes, the kid left the bicycle and went with his parents and I, like another kid in the room just went and grabbed it ! It was totally age inappropriate but I played with it anyway 😛

We then headed to have dinner.. The menu consisted of some mushroom starter, green salad, papad, roti, kulcha, 4 types of curries including Dal and paneer and also some rice and rasam.. I had some roti and paneer.. I had jamun too which was super yummyyy.. the South Indian soul inside me couldn’t resist from having some Rice and Rasam.. It all tasted soo yummyyy and I was already excited for the delicious food I was gonna have during the rest of my time here..

We then got back to our cottage and went to bed at around 11 PM..

DAY 2:

We woke up at 6 30 AM and got ready and went to the lobby at 7 15 AM.. The café is just next to the lobby and we had some morning tea ..



We now left for a Plantation Trek with our guide.. Our guide, Mr Lohith, started off by showing us the different kind of plants and trees that are grown inside the resort.. Then we headed a little outside the resort into the plantation.. It was filled with soo much greenery everywhere.




Mr Lohith introduced us to a lot of things grown by them like – pepper, coffee, chilly, etc..


After almost an hour filled with so much knowledge about the place, we came back to the resort to have breakfast..
The breakfast menu consisted of Idli, Vada, Dosa, some fruits and fruit juice !

After breakfast, we went back to our cottage to take a nice shower coz we were tired after the Plantation walk and wanted to be fresh ! We had a day full of activities ahead and hence needed some fresh energy 😛 We got ready around 9 30 AM and left to the entrance of the resort, from where Mr Lohith took us to the hobby centre for our first activity of the day !

Air Rifle Shooting :

I honestly thought the Rifle will be heavier than me and I was almost right ! (lol :P) We all took turns and aimed at the cans hanging from the branch of the tree, which were our target ! It took me 2 shots to learn how to aim properly ! And on my 3rd try, I did It !!! I started laughing after the Can fell down coz honestly the rifle was too heavy for me to lift and aim properly and I swear I have no idea how I did it ! 😛 But, I was of course happy about it 😉



Golfing :

We were accompanied by the in-house Golf Instructor who took us to the Golf course, and taught the 7 steps from how to hold the Golf stick to how to aim and get the perfect shot ! We had loads of fun here as our instructor cracked a lot of jokes and our hits often went haywire 😛


On our way back, our instructor told us there was a small path through which we could trek down to the river and click a few pictures ! I love trekking and was very excited even about this small trek.. It was a really beautiful sight of the river ..


We clicked a few pictures and then came back up and it started drizzling.. It was the perfect weather.. We picked up our umbrellas and walked back to our resort for more activities, by when the drizzling stopped..

Burma Bridge :

It looked easy when I started climbing.. But as I went forward and higher, the bridge started shaking as the height increased and the knots were far apart ! But I surely had lots of fun doing this !

We even got to taste some Forest Fig which our guide found while walking around.. That was the first time I ate fig and I must say, I am gonna eat them so much more now !!

Zip Lining :

Just as much as I am scared of water, I am equally scared of heights too ! Well, okay, maybe a little less than water 😛 After Rohini and Rumana, it was my turn on the zip line ! I wore all my safety gear and the guide put me down and pushed me.. While I was in the air, I realised how awesome I felt, sliding down the zip line when the cool breeze hit my face and my hair started flying ! It was amazinggg !

After coming down, I had to pull myself back to the point where I started from and that was fun too ! And I was pushed down again, it was happiness reloaded for me !

River Rope Crossing :

It was Zip lining but across the river.. I was still haunted by the previous day’s river diving diaries and still trying to recover from it and hence unfortunately, I did not do this activity.. which I kinda regret now.. So, when you have an opportunity to do something in life, never let that go !

We had a fantastic day so far, filled with some super adventurous activites and we were super happy about how we spent the first half of our day.. We then bid good-bye to our guides for the day..

And headed to have lunch.. We were tired and just wanted to eat ! I again had my favourite Roti and Paneer with some Rice and Rasam ! Judge me all you want but I am a really poor eater and my menu is reallyyy limited.. I don’t mind eating the same food for more than 3 days 😛

After we were done with our lunch, we went back to our cottage to rest for some time.. While the girls opted to take a quick nap before we met again for coffee, I decided to chill outside my room with some music, amidst the nature.. As I sat outside my room, I had greenery all around me and the cool breeze with my favourite music just made me the happiest person alive at that moment..

After about half an hour, I went to the pool area.. I was alone, chilling by the pool area.. The weather was breezy and just too perfect to not be spending time with nature !! The super sweet staff came and spoke to me for a while.. We discussed about our lives and our cities and it was a good time.. I also found a kid playing in the pool alone.. So, I spoke to him and found out he was from Pune and he was here in Karnataka on a holiday with his family, for the first time.. We became friends.. He then got ready and came back with his mum and a cute lil sister ! She was just an year old and was super adorable and started playing with me..


By then, Aishwarya joined me and we roamed around the property for a while.. We then found a super peaceful place in the middle of greenery.. We had the Cauvery river on our right and small lake in the middle of the lush greenery on the left.. It really looked like a frame out of a movie scene..

We just sat there for almost 2 hours.. chatting with each other.. It was just too peaceful and relaxing to get up and leave..


It was around 6 30 PM and started getting dark so we had to head back to the lobby !! By then, Rohini and Rumana were at the café too.. We had our tea and pakoras and fries.. Since we had finished all the activities in the first half of our day only, our second half was just about sitting back and relaxing at the super pretty café.. We chilled for a couple of hours with some food and drinks and it was already dinner time ! Time literally flew !! I had some fruits and Rice as I didn’t wanna eat heavy.. We were at the lobby again trying to make the most of our last night here..




The owner of the property visited us to speak to us.. We spoke to him for about 20 minutes about the property and about what we do.. And thanked him for the amazing hospitality they provided.. It was 11 PM and we all decided to go to bed.. We went back and packed our bags before sleeping and straight away went to bed ..


DAY 3 :

We got up around 7 AM and got ready with a heavy heart.. Coz we were in no mood to leave such an incredible place.. We finally headed to have our last breakfast.. I had my another favourite – Chole Bature and as always it was super yummy too ! I also tried a dish called – Paputtu from the Coorgie cuisine and I liked it too !

The Chef there really does an amazing job ! Also, another information – The left over food at the resort is given away to a near-by Pig Farm instead of just wasting it ! This is another piece of information that impressed me a lot !

And now, it was time to leave.. We thanked the staff for having us over and clicked a final group picture and left the unforgettable Kadkani River Resort at around 8 30AM and headed back home..

Some Information about Kadkani River Resort :

Pricing :

Den AC Cottage  – INR 11,500 – 13,000.

Deluxe AC Cottage – INR 12,500 – 14,000.

Premium AC Cottage – INR 15,500 – 17,000.

Extra Charges Per Adult – INR 3,750.

Extra Charges Per Child – INR 2000.

Note: *Prices may vary according to the season, period and rooms availability. Check respective websites for regular updates and latest offers.

Other Activities at Kadkani River Resort :

Whether you are an adventurer, nature lover or someone with amateur tiger dreams, you will never be short of options at this resort ! Other than the activities that we did, there are more activities like – Fishing, Boating, Bonfire with Bar-B-Que ( if weather permits), beach volleyball, Badminton..


I truly had an unforgettable experience here at Kadkani and would highly recommend this place for anyone looking to spending some quality time with friends and family amidst the nature.. Trust me, you cannot find a better place than this ! I am definitely going back to this enchanting place again coz once is not enough at all ! Thank you Kadkani for making this trip a really memorable and unforgettable one ! It was truly an amazing experience !

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