Layering ft. Suede Jacket

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For many of us, style means adapting new, trendy and creatively designed outfits. We all want to look stylish and fashionable in this highly modernized world. In this context, Layering is one of the best ways to go with, as it adds a dose of style to any simple outfit you wear. Winter or summer, irrespective of the season we all look out for outerwears which suit all kinds of outfits and all kinds of colours.

So you’ve worn your black leather jacket to death. You’ve channeled every celebrity you can think of, be it rock ‘n’ roll god, heart-throb actor or motorbike rider. You’ve worn all the shapes, you’ve rocked every cut and (you think) you’ve walked a pretty stylish walk.

But all of a sudden you find yourself in a rut. A style rut to be more precise, and that’s the worst kind of rut. Cries of “I’ve got nothing to wear” ruin every morning whilst piles of clothes have turned your bedroom into some sort of floor-drobe. You my friend, have reached peak ‘classic’ and you need a style shakedown. So why not try something new? Be daring. Be bold. And go for a brown suede jacket. I dare you.

Few pieces have been able to stand the test of time quite like the leather and that’s a suede jacket. Versatile, layering-friendly, and effortlessly cool, the wardrobe staple has always made for the perfect fall and winter look.

This season, the high street as well as the premium stores, have all really embraced suede textures and the edgy biker style. And so finding some great alternatives from all of our favourites stores, was not all that difficult.

Suede jackets can be worn at all times of the day and for any occasion. On top of that, they can be worn in nearly every season.


Although they’re pricey, their versatility is guaranteed to pay off. If you’re willing and able to invest in one, you won’t regret it.

Truth be told this suede moto jacket might be one of my favorite purchases from Shein (and I’ve bought a lot from Shein…) and at the time I had no idea just how much I would wear it. This suede moto jacket is perfect for work right now because it’s a nice alternative to a sweater. It also helps dress up the look (whether its with jeans or work pants). Now I’m just trying to figure out if I should get more colors or if I love it so much because it’s the perfect color brown..

This jacket comes with a lapel collar and has long sleeves. Incredibly smooth and always in style, this luscious suede jacket is a wardrobe must-have with its cool moto-inspired silhouette and gleaming hardware.

This is one of the coziest jackets I own and now I can’t stop wearing it with anything and everything ! I paired it up with a Camouflage Tee and denim shorts .. I hope you like this post ..

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Outfit – Shein

Photographer – Akshay

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