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When it comes to food, I’m super choosy. And when it comes to Restaurants I would choose, I only and only visit places I have tried before. Big Pitcher is one place I have visited a lot of times by now and a place I would never get bored of. Thanks to the amazing food and drinks !

I recently had a chance to try out the New Menu Launched by Big Pitcher with my friends.. When I heard they launched a new menu, I wondered why they needed a new menu since they already had some amazing food and drinks on their menu. But when I visited the restaurant, I was super thrilled to try out the new dishes and drinks..



Smoky Cilantro Paneer :


If you already do not know, I am the biggest fan of Paneer. My meal doesn’t even start without a Paneer Starter. This is a dish in which Soft pieces of Paneer, friend until crispy and tossed in a spicy yet sweet mixture of Chinese spices and Cilantro.


Button bites :

My experience with Mushroom did not start off well. I initially did not like mushrooms. But, from the time I started exploring more dishes made of mushroom I have been developing a liking towards it. This is one dish which made it like mushrooms more. Small, bite-sized mushrooms with gooey cheese stuffing are baked with olive oil which gives so much taste in just one bite.. for all you mushroom lovers, this is one dish you really need to try !!

Main Course :

Namma Ooru :


As the name suggests, this is something that depicts our city, our taste ! So what is it that represents Kannadigas’ taste? This Pizza is Ragi-based ! Yes, you heard that right ! Ragi, which is one of the main crops grown in Karnataka is a really nutritional ingredient and one of the most loved too. This Pizza also has CK Special Pizza sauce with a topping of Mushrooms, Bell peppers, brocolli, shallots, onions and cheese. All you Pizza lovers, this is one pizza you’ll regret never trying !!


Satin Coco Nutty Croustillant :

Looks fancy, doesn’t it? Well, tastes super yummy too ! Satiny milk chocolate topped with a French flake and white chocolate marquise.

Other dishes in the New Menu :

Starters :

  • Club Kahuna Onion Rings
  • Doodhia Kabab
  • The Crunchy Shiitake
  • Malai Mutton Chops
  • Fish Nam Phrik Pai
  • Lambarda Egg & Tuna Salad
  • Prawns Espanol
  • Chinese Herb Spiced Chicken
  • Angari Khatarnak Murgh


Main Course :

  • Creamy Asparagus Crepe
  • Risotto Con Brocolli
  • Methi Chaman
  • Red Hot Prawns
  • Kahuna’s Polo À La King
  • Sarson Ka Saag Ghost


Desserts :

  • Naked Chocolate Fantasy
  • Tequila Tart Passion Bombe

Over all, my ratings are :

Food – 4.5/5

Location : 5/5

Ambience : 4.5/5

Service : 4.5/5

Pricing : 4.5/5

Do visit Big Pitcher on Old Airport Road and check out their new menu.

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