Pastel Shades in Summer

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It’s the peak of Summer in Bangalore and it’s really hard to even get out of the house during the day. But for the fact that we cannot stay at home all day, we can only make our life better by stepping out with the right clothing on.

Summer is a season of bright sun and really hot weather and dark colours only enhances the heat. Combined with the humidity and heat, dark colours give off more hot vibes. Wearing white colours in summer is the best option as they do not absorb the sunlight and it helps you stay cool in the scorching heat. So, wearing white during summers is a smart choice. White doesn’t absorb much heat and it keeps you cool as compared to other colours in clothing. Also, this colour looks good and vibrant in summery days.. White symbolises peace, serene and calm which gives positive vibes and makes you feel light when you wear it.

There doesn’t seem to be an outing a crisp white outfit doesn’t work for: beach day, brunch plans, wine night, spontaneous picnic (or rather, white wine night). Since the shade is versatile for both day and night and there are silhouettes made for just about every body type, there’s nothing stopping you from seeing just how many of these pieces your closet can fit.

A white outfit is perfect for just any occasion, just make sure to stay away from the ketchup and other similar sauces! The shirt was over-sized and hence I tied it up. This also sums up for a good summer shirt which is very breathable.

There are a number of reasons to prefer cotton clothing in the summer as compared to synthetic fabrics. The most important among them is the ability of cotton to absorb moisture quickly and lose it to the atmosphere readily. During summer time, we tend to perspire a lot and we need clothing that will absorb all the resultant moisture and ensure that we stay comfortable.

With everyone out there opting for the sleeveless, barely there, lingerie dresses, which look totally awesome by the way, it’s just that I always drift towards something a little on the simpler, safer side. Mostly because I feel that when the summer rolls around, I get tanned way to quickly compared to others. It makes sense that I’d naturally navigate towards dresses with sleeves for the summer.

The latest embroidered patch fashion trends have made patches the current rage. From celebrities to the models on the runway, everyone has elevated their fashion statement with embroidered patches. The two cute Flamingo patches added to my shirt makes this attire shine like a fashion virtue.

Link to buy the product is here.

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