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Shifting from one city to another has always been a hassle. But what do you think is the most annoying part of moving? Is it organising your stuff? Or finding the best moving company? Or maybe, it’s packing all the things that you have accumulated over the years?! Moving or relocation is a stressful job and has a lot of counterparts to be taken care of, be it buying, selling or renting a house or buying a home, decor essentials or setting up home and home interiors. It is a job we all hate!

Here, I have the perfect solution to make your moving process hassle-free!

Rentomojo is an online rental company which helps you rent home appliances like fridge, television, washing machine, oven, etc. at affordable prices. Not only this, but you can also rent bikes and rent furniture from them.

Geetansh Bamania, 27, is the Founder and CEO of Rentomojo and is a serial Entrepreneur. He started his career with companies like KPMG, Flipkart, and PepperFry. His work involved moving from one city to another frequently which made his moving process very difficult. That’s when it hit him! He wanted to put an end to the hassles of moving around the country along with all his stuff. And that’s how Rentomojo happened!

To solve the hassles of moving and selling unwanted stuff, Rentomojo offers you furniture, bikes, and appliances on rent at amazing prices and for however long you want.

Rentomojo’s subscription in India is currently operational in 8 cities – Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, and Chennai. Rentomojo also lets you rent bikes in these cities. All these metropolitan cities are so used to subscription lifestyle owing to the constantly migrating population. But, worry not because Rentomojo is soon expanding and coming to your town.

What Comes to Your Mind When You Hear ‘Renting’?

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Renting Period:

India’s population consists of 45% of youth, and they have to travel to different cities frequently for better career opportunities. So they are open to a lot of travelling and a better lifestyle.

With tenures starting at 3 months, Rentomojo gives you the freedom to choose furniture on rent for any duration. But most people choose to rent products for short term because they need financial viability.

When it comes to long-term renting, Rentomojo‘s competition was EMI. Rentomojo came up with a better idea to overcome the problems people faced when they preferred to buy on EMI. So, let’s see some facts.

The best part about Rentomojo is that you can swap your products for anything else after 18 months to get a whole new look. It’s like you have a new living room every 18 months! Isn’t that amazing? Also, you can cancel the contract anytime, with no significant cost.

To save all the drama, Rentomojo introduces the concept of RMI – Rental Monthly Instalment. Rent, Own or Return at will.

So it was rent versus buy at this point where some customers did not want to return the products they once rented. But at the end of the day, we all want things of our own! Maybe because we are scared of spoiling our rented assets or maybe because we just get attached to them emotionally. (Yes, that happens to me with the smallest stuff in my house). Or maybe we all just want to OWN our products and Rentomojo doesn’t disappoint us there too!

So How Does the Option to Own Function?

We all want things to ourselves and want to call it ‘ours’. Hence, Rentomojo brought the concept of Rent-to-Own where you can first rent the products you wish to, and if you don’t want to let go of them after a certain period of time, you can just buy the products. Be it anything – you can buy appliances or buy furniture if you want to just keep them for yourself. There are no upfront costs or extra charges to be paid. You can also have a trial at home before buying your products, and if you don’t like the products then you can just return them from your doorstep at no extra cost! This service is not offered by any rental company we know of hence making Rentomojo one of its kind.

So, Why Rentomojo?

1. Cancel when you want

2. Relocate as you wish

3. Free maintenance

4. Refundable deposit

5. Long-term renting

6. Free swap

7. Option to own

Don’t Just Own, Smartly Own!





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  1. Wao, i can’t believe a brand has come up with such flexible options.Its a blessing in disguise for all the people cant own at definitely going to check them up. Great post. Well written

  2. What a great idea!!! Absolutely a savior when we move and have to start setting up home from scratch!

  3. It’s great that we can buy the furniture at easy EMI
    The collection look very good and service sounds user friendly

    1. Yeah they have a wide range of collection ..

  4. How convenient especially when one is away from home…

  5. I really like the concept behind the service and I don’t think I have seen this anywhere else yet. I think it will be a great hit specially with middle-class people who have tight budget but still want to maintain status. Its also be very useful for people who get relocated quickly due to jobs.

    Akanksha xo

  6. The concept of renting the furniture is very wise and also the additional features that they have to offer are very good.

  7. i love the idea of renting over buying everything you need. its much simpler with rentmojo.

  8. The article are tool long but i know you were saying something important –


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