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How was the Holi celebrations ? 😍 Holi, being one of the main festivals celebrated in India, is the most vibrant festival of all. It is celebrated with extreme enthusiasm and joy not only in India, but also in many other parts of the world.

As I promised in my previous post, I’m putting up the outfit of my Day 1 in Mangalore, here. This post is about the top I chose from one of my favourite retailors – Missa More <3

I’m sure most of y’ll, if not all, have heard of this online fashion brand. And for those who still haven’t, “Missa More” is an online fashion brand offering its customers, affordable on-trend fashion. Missa More’s collection will fill your wardrobe with classics you always wanted to buy but didn’t know where to look. They have a collection of wonderful, trendy and decent tops, dresses, jumpsuits, etc in many styles and vibrant prints. They have options of noodle strapped, sleeveless, half and full sleeves and elbow cuts too. Missa More is the perfect solution for high street fashion without burning a hole in your pockets. With a growing number of fan base, this retailer is really making its way into every girl’s closet.

So, Summer’s here !! It’s time to bring back the off-shoulders and shorts, don’t you think? I’m so addicted to wearing shorts and mini skirts this season, it’s just so comfortable to be. Today, i’m sharing with you guys, a look which I like a lot.

Needless to say, 2016 has been the year of “off shoulders”. And so does 2017 look like !! 😋 The showing off of shoulders, although a quintessentially old trend, neither dominated nor looked this awesome. This top is not just a normal off-shoulder, ruffle top with flared sleeves. It is captivating, eye-catching, sexy and supremely majestic ! If you’re comfortable with a little exposure and lots of drama, then this top is made for you. Wear it with a palazzo, shorts or skirt and you just can’t go wrong with this one !!

So I paired up this vibrant off-shoulder with a pair of Dark blue plain shorts from Shop Circuit and Dark blue glitter shoes from Head Over Heels by Westside. Also got the Pink neck piece and Pink bands from Shop Circuit 😀 I really like the products they have and the variety in their products. And obviously the comfort in flaunting their clothes is amazing 😍 You guys should totally check them out. To visit their page, click here

So scroll down for the pictures and I hope you guys like this post. If you do, do not forget to like, comment and share 💖

How well does the background compliment this top? 😍

On me,

Top – Missa More

Shorts – Shop Circuit

Accessories – Shop Circuit

Shoes –  Head over Heels by Westside
XOXO, until next time lovelies ! ❤️

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