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This post is about a common problem we face everyday.. We all have acne-prone skin and we fear aging .. So what is the solution for this ? Which are the best products that help us to fight aging ? I am writing here with the solution to that problem !

I recently attended the press launch of Himalaya Youth Eternity Range organised by Himalaya Personal Care. This press launch was organised to take us through the journey of Youth Eternity Range including how they started with their research to how they processes to how they came up with it after 5 years of research.

What are the causes of Aging of Skin ?

  • Smoking.
  • Alcohol Intake.
  • Stress.
  • Ultraviolet Exposure.
  • Sleeping on the Sides.
  • Pollution.

These are only a few causes out of the many..

Aging can start as early as at the age of 25.. Dr. Chytra Anand, founder of Kosmo Derma says Sun screen is the best anti-aging cream to start with.. and it’s never too early to start using it ! She also advices women over 35 years of age to take Calcium and Vitamin D tablets for good skin.. Following a proper diet also helps improve skin..

About Himalaya Youth Eternity Range :

The Himalaya Youth Eternity Range consists of  Day Cream, Under Eye Cream and Night Cream. Himalaya came up with the Youth Eternity Range as they wanted to come up with something safe and effective for women of all ages who are facing problems such as – Age spots, Dark circles, Pigmentation and Fine lines & Wrinkles. So after they spent 5 years on R&D and 3 years on Consumer Research, they came up with these three products.

The main ingredient in these products is Edelweiss plant. Edelweiss plant is found in the Swiss Alps. To protect itself from harsh weather conditions, it produces active substances to renew itself which makes it a rarely-found, miracle plant. It is very rich in anti-oxidants which helps in maintaining the youthful appearance of the skin. It also boosts the production of Collagen and Elastin, which helps rebuild the structural integrity of the skin.

The meristem cells of the plant posses skin benefits such as Skin Conditioning, Skin revival and Skin rejuvenation. Other key ingredients in these creams are Rose  Myrtle, Woodfordia and Cipadessa which help in terms of Skin elasticity and Skin Integrity.

Around 250 thousand consumers have used these products till date and these products are top selling across 250 retail stores in India.


These creams are suitable for oily and dry skin and are clinically tested by Dermatologists to make sure they are suitable for sensitive skin too.. They can be used by both men and women. The SPF is 15  and if you use them for 4 weeks regularly in your daily skin care regime, you can see visible changes in your skin.. You can also layer them up with creams of higher SPF and make up which will not cause any harm to your skin..

Day Cream : It is a very light and non-greasy cream. It reduces age spots, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles in 4 weeks. It reduces pores, evens skin tone and enhances skin luminance. After doing a consumer study, it was found that 96% of consumers noticed significant improvement in skin hydration.

The Day Cream is available in 3 sizes :

10 ml – Rs.92/-

20ml – Rs.230/-

50ml – Rs. 465/-

Apply the cream all over your face and neck and massage for 2 minutes everyday for at least 4 weeks to see visible results.

My take:

  • The texture is light and gets absorbed very quickly.
  • The fragrance is lovely.
  • One pump is just about enough to cover the face and neck. 
  • I have been using this cream since a week or so and my skin already feels soft and moisturized all day

Night Cream : It moisturizes to smoothen skin and evens skin tone. It shows visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles in 4 weeks. Consumer study showed that 92%of consumers noticed increased skin elasticity.

Apply it at night before going to bed on your face and neck and massage for 2 minutes.

My take :

  • The texture is slightly thicker compared to the Day Cream and is non-greasy.
  • One pump is enough to cover face and neck.
  • It moisturizes your skin.
  • Skin feels plumpy and nourished when you wake up in the morning.
  • Skin feels fresh and bright which gives a good start for the day.

The 50 ml cream is priced at Rs.465/-

Under Eye Cream : Under eye is one of the most critical areas. It nourishes the Under eye area, reduces crow’s feet, wrinkles and fine lines from 4th week. It also visibly reduces the intensity of under eye dark circles. Also helps manage morning puffy eyes.

The 50ml cream is prices at Rs.490/-

Apply it both in the morning before applying the Day Cream and at night before applying the Night cream. Take a dot sized cream on your Under eye area and massage for 2 minutes.

My take :

  • I have visible dark circles and I am always on a look out for a solution. I finally feel I have found the right cream.
  • I apply it twice a day and in this one week I have definitely found visible reduction in dark circles.
  • It also has reduced pigmentation to an extent.
  • The texture is very light and keeps the area hydrated.

All the 3 creams are advised to be used together to see the best results. I want to Preserve my Youthful Skin and hence I am definitely adding these products to my daily skin care routine as I see visible improvement in my skin already. I also recommend them to you guys as we all fight aging problems and this is one of the best solutions I have found till date..

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  1. Himalaya is my favourite brand. I almost use all its products. I haven’t tried this range but surely going to try out. It looks promising products.

  2. Himalaya is always been a trusted brand. Glad they spent 3 years on R & D. I am super impressed and would love to get the under eye cream which is also priced so reasonably

  3. Stress is my biggest reason of aging! I had been using this youth eternity range by Himalaya, somw time back! It was really good!

  4. Amazing collections of Himalaya Youth Eternity range. I like the night cream of Youth Eternity. The fragrance is so pleasant and texture is so perfect for the skin. Great thoughts.

  5. Himalaya has come up with some great products in the Youth Eternity range. I’m trying out the night cream for sure. Seems perfect for me.

  6. I am using Himalaya since ages but this youth eternity range is new to me… I would definitely love to give it a try.

  7. I am not yet 30 but this latest range of products from Himalaya sound promising. Will be gifting one to my mother and in law soon

  8. Have heard a lot of good things about this range. Now with your blog post it is proven this is a must try. Would durely try out some products to preserve my youthfulness.


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